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Mechanical Repairs
  Our services include:
  • Batteries & Electrical
  • Brakes & Clutches
  • Steering & Suspension
  • CV's & Cambelts
  • WOF Failure Repairs
  • Radiators & Exhausts
  • Transmission Repairs
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Mechanical Repairs
Whether you need diagnostic testing, transmission or brake system repair,
we keep your car not only running smoothly, but stopping smoothly as well
Friendly & Professional
We offer full mechanical repairs with qualified Automotive Technicians, who will be able to provide servicing, diagnostics and repairs for all vehicle types. Call us first for friendly professional advice regarding routine servicing, tuning and anything else needed to keep your vehicle performing at its peak.
A sample of the services we provide
•   Warrant of Fitness failures & repairs
•   Clutch and Transmission problems
•   Brake repairs & disc machining
•   Steering and suspension repairs
•   Cambelt replacements
•   Battery replacements & electrical fault diagnostics
•   Exhaust repairs
•   Radiator repairs and flushing
Top 5 items that significantly impacts fuel economy
   •   Proper tyre inflation
   •   Proper wheel alignment
   •   Properly tuned engine
   •   Properly following maintenance schedules
   •   Properly operating brakes
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