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Tyres & Mags
Stop in today for a free inspection of your tyres by a tyre expert
and enjoy the espresso while we look after you & your vehicle
Friendly & Professional
We can help protect the most important part of your car - your tyres. Properly maintained tyres are critical to the safety of your vehicle. Your tyres are your vehicleís only contact with the road. Tyres that are worn, cracked or out of balance can seriously impede your ability to drive and control your car. Thatís why itís so important to inspect your tyres regularly.

Stop in today for a free inspection of your tyres by a tyre expert. We stock only the quality name brand tyres like GT Radial, Michelin and offer a full line of tyre services, including;
tyre rotation, wheel balancing and alignment, puncture repairs and more.
At a glance
•   New & secondhand tyres available from many leading brands
•   Computer-based wheel alignment & balancing systems with warranty covering all our work
•   We source the latest mag wheels from various suppliers to suit your vehicle
•   Same day puncture repairs for all types of vehicles, including cars, trailers, motorbikes,
     motor-homes & light commercial trucks
Tyre Rotation, Wheel Balancing & Alignment Services
Not only can proper tyre rotation help your car drive better, it can save you money.
It is known that more than 25% of all passenger cars and more than 33% of all light trucks have under inflated tyres.
What does this mean to you?
•   Lower gas mileage - lower tyre pressure means lower gas mileage
•   Tyre failure - under inflation is the leading cause of tyre failure
•   Faster tread wear - lower tyre pressure also causes the tread to wear out faster and
      forces premature replacement
•   Poorer handling - the point where the tyre meets the road is a crucial element in determining
      the ride control of your vehicle. Under inflation prevents your ride control system from
      functioning properly

Most experts agree that you should
rotate your tyres every 10,000 kilometres and high performance tyres should be rotated more often. Tyre rotation is a good way to head off more serious problems as well. Our trained technicians offer a free inspection of your tyres with every rotation. We check your tyres for any abnormal signs of wear, lack of proper inflation and road damage. If you do need new tyres, we carry name brand touring tyres, performance tyres and more. Of course, we will show you exactly what and where the tyre damage is before making any decisions about replacement.

balance is also important to extend the life of your tyres. If we notice your wheels are out of balance, our trained technicians can perform wheel balancing as well. When it comes to anything to do with tyres, from rotation to replacement, Marshall Automotive & Tyres is the perfect place to come for this important service. Weíre experts at all makes and models of vehicles: European, domestic, SUV and light trucks.

wheel alignment means a lot. It extends the life of your tyres, provides better gas mileage, a more comfortable ride, and makes your car safer. If you feel your car pulling to the left or the right, that could indicate improper wheel alignment. Other signs include excessive or uneven tyre wear, a shimmy or vibration in your steering wheel, off center steering or an overall feeling of wandering or looseness in your vehicle.
Maintaining your carís wheel alignment not only improves your vehicleís safety, it improves your carís handling and gas mileage as well. We offer a complete computerised wheel alignment service using the latest state-of-the-art equipment to ensure precision and accuracy.
Mag Wheels
We can source over 160 different mag wheels to make your car look fantastic and ranging in sizes from 15" to 22" and in your choice of highly polished or colour powder coated centre and outer rims.
We also offer mag wheel repairs due to kerb damage and bent or cracked mags.

Call us on (03) 359 4114 or stop in and speak to any of our highly-qualified tyre technicians about your tyre and wheel requirements.
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